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Cloning a Role Between vCenters

My biggest annoyance in having multiple vCenters that aren’t in Enhanced Linked Mode is having to do the same task over and over again against different targets. Luckily, PowerCLI and I have become friends over the past few months, and it’s quite good at repetitive tasks. Today, we’ll be using it to clone a role from one vCenter to one or many others. Thanks to an awesome community, I quickly found a blog post on how to clone a role from one vCenter to another.

The Beard: I Bought a Brush!

Edit 7/10/19: Now with pics! I recently heard someone say “I have a real appreciation for a blog that talks DevOps AND beardcare!” As much as I liked to hear that comment, it made me realize that I’ve been neglecting the beardcare side of my responsibilities. When planning for this post, I had in my head that not much had changed on the beard front. I went back to reread the original beard post, and that made me realize that so much has changed!

Blair County Little Hack, Iteration 3

If you keep coming, we’ll keep hosting! Sheetz will once again host the Blair County Little Hack for July. Like before, we won’t have a set agenda or presentations planned, but instead leave it up to what you want to play with or share with the group. If you want to know more about what a ‘little hack’ is, check out what we’ve been doing at the Pittsburgh Little Hack or our previous Blair County Little Hacks.

Basic vRA Install

This post is mostly just going to be a short shoutout to a blog that has helped me a few times now. Eric Shanks at The IT Hollow has a great series on vRealize Automation 7. He covers topics from installation and configuration, through administration, integration, and upgrades. I haven’t been through all of it yet, but I’m betting I’ll be referencing most of it over the next few months.

Blair County Little Hack, Iteration 2

You made it a success so we’re having it again! Sheetz is happy to host the second Blair County Little Hack in just a few weeks. All of the hosts were blown away with the attendance numbers and awesome collaboration that went on at the first and we’ve just been itching to meet up again. Like the original, we won’t have a set agenda or presentations planned, but instead leave it up to what you want to play with or share with the group.

A Thank You and an Update

I’ve been quiet on here for a while, and I wanted to give you an explaination. It’s not because I’ve got nothing going on or to talk about. It’s quite the opposite. First I want to say thanks to Ariel, Carl, and the rest of the PGH Little Hack crew for being so welcoming and helpful. They’ve helped me take my Pittsburgh and Central PA VMUG attendances to the next level by pushing me to collaborate and contribute with the vCommunity.

Sheetz Job Posting!

Want to work on awesome projects at a cool company? Good, because my team is hiring. The Sheetz Server Administration Services team is responsible for the care and feeding of datacenter infrastructure: virtualization, servers, storage, backup, SAN, ect. What’s awesome about that? Doing it through vRealize Automation, Ansible, Python, and any other sticker you’ve seen on a laptop in the last year… Find out more here, and/or feel free to talk to Brett, Jace, or myself about it.

Blair County Little Hack, Iteration 1: SUCCESS!

Now that another year of PCI auditing is behind me, I can finally post about how MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL you all made the first #BCLittleHack! Brett and I were blown away by not only how many people registered for the event, but showed up with cool ideas and fun things to work on. Almost everyone stayed until the very end when Security had to usher us out the door. I want to thank everyone at Sheetz, VMware, and all of the attendees for helping us get this event off to a great start.

Blair County Little Hack, Iteration 1

Yep, we’re bringing the awesomeness of the Pittsburgh Little Hack to Blair County! Brett and I have only been to two, but we’ve already seen it payoff in community networking and real world work application. The Pittsburgh guys (and lady!) threatened to make the drive if we ever held one out our way, and we’re taking them up on the offer. Details below. Don’t know what a little hack is? See Carl Capozza’s post about his inspiration and intentions with the concept.

Disable TLS in ESXi and vCenter

Sometimes it feels like I should just redirect my blog to William Lam’s. It’s not that I read through it, implementing what he wrote about a year ago; but every time I have a task to tackle he’s in Google’s top five results. Recently my question was TLS, and he wrote my answer 18 months ago. VMware has a nice tool with great documentation and the best name: The TLS Configurator.