You made it a success so we’re having it again! Sheetz is happy to host the second Blair County Little Hack in just a few weeks. All of the hosts were blown away with the attendance numbers and awesome collaboration that went on at the first and we’ve just been itching to meet up again. Like the original, we won’t have a set agenda or presentations planned, but instead leave it up to what you want to play with or share with the group. So many great projects, questions, discussions, planning sessions, and even gifts popped up at BCLH#1 we can’t wait to see what surfaces next!

If you want to know more about what a ‘little hack’ is, check out what we’ve been doing at the Pittsburgh Little Hack or our last Blair County Little Hack. Or you can go back to the beginning of it all and read Carl Capozza’s blog about it.

You need nothing more than your ID and an interest in technology to get something out of (and put something into) a BCLittleHack!


Date: April 26, 2019
Time: 6p-10p
Location: Sheetz Operations and Support Center
                  243 Sheetz Way, Claysburg, PA 16625
                  (It’s the three story glass building on the left.)
Req’s: Yourself, your laptop, your ID, and your snacks (optional)

Soft drinks and a Sheetz Run will be provided! Please let me know through Twitter or Email if you plan to attend; it’ll make the check in process easier. If you don’t know that you can make it until last minute, don’t let that stop you, walk ins are welcome!