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The Beard: I Bought a Brush!

Edit 7/10/19: Now with pics! I recently heard someone say “I have a real appreciation for a blog that talks DevOps AND beardcare!” As much as I liked to hear that comment, it made me realize that I’ve been neglecting the beardcare side of my responsibilities. When planning for this post, I had in my head that not much had changed on the beard front. I went back to reread the original beard post, and that made me realize that so much has changed!

The Beard: Care and Feeding

Since I’m new to blogging, I figured I better start simple and with something I know. What do we know better than our morning routine? There is no content of value here, so just skip on by if you’re not just here to waste time. I get asked a lot about how much work goes into a beard like mine. Most think I have special combs, brushes, oils, shampoos, conditioners, care providers, advisors, etc.