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Connect to Multiple vCenters in PowerCLI...with a Menu!

I’m not sure how long ago I actually wrote this script, or why it took me so long to get around to blogging it, but this is easily the most used script I’ve ever written. Since VMware made its debut at Sheetz over a decade ago, the number of vCenters to manage has grown quite a bit. The actual number is honestly irrelevant, because connecting PowerCLI to more than one at a time annoys me.

Cloning a Role Between vCenters

My biggest annoyance in having multiple vCenters that aren’t in Enhanced Linked Mode is having to do the same task over and over again against different targets. Luckily, PowerCLI and I have become friends over the past few months, and it’s quite good at repetitive tasks. Today, we’ll be using it to clone a role from one vCenter to one or many others. Thanks to an awesome community, I quickly found a blog post on how to clone a role from one vCenter to another.

Disable TLS in ESXi and vCenter

Sometimes it feels like I should just redirect my blog to William Lam’s. It’s not that I read through it, implementing what he wrote about a year ago; but every time I have a task to tackle he’s in Google’s top five results. Recently my question was TLS, and he wrote my answer 18 months ago. VMware has a nice tool with great documentation and the best name: The TLS Configurator.